Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 10

Asalle in Austria and Germany

Part 10 – Highlights of My Berlin Trip

…The most unique characteristic of Berlin is how ferociously its inhabitants use it. Berlin is truly a city to live in, to use, to develop, to revamp and refinish and rebuild, to polish and perfect and twist and settle until the place is something that you can actually be a part of, and it is a part of you. It is so radically different from the sleepy, museum-esque Salzburg, whose charm relies on its ability to maintain delicacies of the Baroque era. This is not to say that Berlin does not relish its history, but Berlin is its history, and its history is today’s Berlin.

And what is the best way to see the city? By walking tour, of course—and for free! A friend and I explored for the city for over three hours on foot as part of a tour put on by Sandeman’s New Berlin. Our guide was an Englishman who had fallen in love with the city several summers ago and relayed Berlin’s intricacies to us, including the best places to go out! We started at the Brandenburg Tor (historic Brandenburg Gate) and ended at Museum Island on a day when all admission was free—Donnerstag (Thursday)!

Berlin was especially excited that day, as Deutschland was playing against Spain! We went to one of Berlin’s many hip outdoor clubs to watch the game with some bier and bratwurst, face paint, and our own vuvuzelas! Unfortunately, Lahm (der Kapitän Deutschland) and the boys didn’t make the cut, and if they had, Berlin would have turned into one giant party.

I’m headed back to Salzburg in several days, and then back home to California. Hope all is well!

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