Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 2

Asalle in Austria and Germany

Part 2

The Austrian traditions of wearing lederhosen and dirndls and drinking bier (which quite often go hand in hand) are alive and well, and Salzburg is an incomparable haven of baroque architecture and music… These are obvious clues to understanding Austrian culture and history. But I am amazed by the toddlers who waddle around town on pedal-less bicycles behind their more mobile parents; the white asparagus I have never seen in the States; and the civility of having nowhere to shop on Sundays.

In general, Austrians seem a bit more relaxed and easygoing than their German neighbors, yet in both countries everyone takes advantage of each beautiful day. If the sun (sonne) comes out in Salzburg, the whole town follows—and heads to a Freibad (public swimming pool) or aSsee (lake). As its snow melts further each day, Untersberg, the mountain hovering outside my dining room window, tempts me to climb and climb and climb…

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(To be continued!)

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