Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 3

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Asalle in Austria and Germany

Part 3

In order to make the most of my experience here (and lest I am blinded by bier and lederhosen), I have begun to take German lessons. So far, I have concluded that the German language, like its speakers, is far more precise than English. From my understanding, German boasts countless words for things, situations, and various instruments that take several or more words to describe in English. I am nervous but excited to learn.

I am off to Wien (Vienna) for the weekend! I promise to share my Deutsch (German) progress with you, in hopes that you too may come and enjoy Österreich (Austria)!

Alles gute (take care),


P. S.: Open up your own blog and post your ideas about learning German here for free!

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(To be continued!)

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