Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 4

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PAsalle in Austria and Germanyart 4 – Learning German from a student´s view

Lieber (Dear) Max,

Hallo again! Salzburg continues to be wonderful despite short bouts of Regen (rain). The most pleasant part of my stay here continues to be my Deutsch Studium (German studies). I am even more excited than when I last wrote you! I continue to move along at my own pace, but with the help of my teacher I am rapidly improving. It is exhilarating!

I try to spend a couple of hours each day studying, but I do not put pressure on myself to reach a certain threshold. I never imagined that I would attempt learning a language, especially one as intimidating as German, outside of a university atmosphere. As an undergraduate, I lacked the confidence to undertake a course that would require daily lessons, memorization, and exuberant practice…

Open up your own blog and post your ideas about learning German here for free!

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(To be continued!)

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