Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 5

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PAsalle in Austria and Germanyart 5 – The Articles „der, die, das“ & more…

However, living in Österreich has given me not only a purpose, but also a strong desire to learn another language. I no longer wish to remain comfortably monolingual, but would rather be a frightened, confused, and insecure bilingual!

I am prepared for the terror to come—grammar—but I am not yet far enough along in my Studium to be frustrated. For example, did you know there are 16 different ways of expressing “the” auf Deutsch (in German)? A noun’s article is determined by drei (three) factors: the noun’s gender, whether the noun is singular or plural, and the noun’s case, or how it is used in its sentence. This is my favorite fact about Deutsch so far; I enthusiastically share it with my American friends to witness their amazement. But I am sure that I will recite it with a different tone once I must lernen (learn) what all of these articles are…

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(To be continued!)

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