Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 7

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Asalle in Austria and Germany

Part 7 – About Integration in Austria

Last night my Deutschlehrer (German teacher) took some of his students and me to an Irish pub called “Murphy’s Law.” I was very nervös (nervous) to meet them because their Deutsch skills are far more advanced than mine, but they were very warm and some seemed just as shy about speaking Deutsch as I! It was very fun and I learned a lot about how others experience studying Deutsch.

Formally, Deutsch is taught at six different levels, beginning with A1 (little or no knowledge of the language), and ending at C2 (nearly native understanding). The students I became acquainted with last night come from all different stages of learning; some are in the ‘A’ group and some are in the ‘B’ group. The students in the A2 group have a big test coming up, and are able to move on to B1 if they pass. From my understanding, these various levels are a simple way for employers, schools, and universities to universally determine how familiar an applicant is with Deutsch.

Though this may be the most traditional or straightforward route to take, it is not the only one! In my previous letter I promised I would tell you about my “textbook,” the Deutscharbeitsmappe (German Work Book) provided free of charge by the Österreichischen Integrations Fonds (Austrian Integration Fund). The ÖIF has a relatively new program called the Integration Agreement (IA).


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