Asalle in Austria & Germany, Pt. 9

Asalle in Austria and Germany

Part 9 – A German language student in Berlin [Bearleen] 🙂

Lieber Max,

Guten Tag (good day, commonly used as “Hello”) from Berlin, die Hauptstadt von Deutschland (the capital of Germany)!!! Hauptstadt, a compound word, literally means “head city.” Haupt means “head” as in “chief,” and “stadt” means, of course, “town” or “city.” I cannot think of a better phrase to describe Berlin. Not only is it Germany’s largest and most important metropolis, Berlin is a living, breathing organism.

To describe Berlin (pronounce it: bear-leen) is both easy and difficult. To put it simply, Berlin is an amalgamation of cultures, people, history, and landscape. But Berlin is more than a melting pot—it is alive. The city has been through so much, politics and regime changes alone. The evidence is personified in Berlin’s infrastructure; in just walking around, you can see layers and layers of devastation and resurrection. I have been here for three days and I am just now able to reflect on all that I have taken in, and truly appreciate it.

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(To be continued!)

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