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Videos Deutschkurs Mag. Schaller, Mattighofen & Salzburg (Austria), German Course Videos!

Here you can find videos directly uploaded from our Lernstudio or during our German Language Rallys in Mattighofen & Salzburg!

Within the upcoming weeks we are going to present you the free online German course with grammar, conversation exercises, vocabulary and dialogues. The pilot lesson is already done – have fun and share with friends!

The second screen shows 38 (!) dialogues which are represented also in Mag. Schaller´s German language book “Deutsch lernen mit Mag. Schaller”. Watch the dialogues now for free:



German in 3 Minutes:

Lecker kochen und essen im Deutschkurs – Promovideo:

Further Videos:

Deutschsprachige Lieder mit Texten:

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