A Beginner’s Guide to German Through Football: „An Interview with Local Media (A1/13)“

Alex is excited to share his football journey in Germany in an interview with a local sports journalist. This chapter focuses on media interactions, introducing introduction phrases like „Mein Name ist…“ (My name is…) and „Ich spiele für…“ (I play for…), as well as basic interview questions. It’s a chance to explore how athletes use the German language in media settings, blending sports with linguistic skills.

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Introduction Phrases:
  • Mein Name ist…. Ich spiele für…
  1. Basic Interview Questions

Alex prepares for the interview, practicing direct speech and phrasing. He works on responses using direct speech structures like „Ich sagte“ (I said), „Ich denke“ (I think), and common interview questions such as „Was motiviert Sie?“ (What motivates you?), „Wie bereiten Sie sich vor?“ (How do you prepare?).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Direct Speech:
  • Ich sagte, Ich denke
  1. Common Interview Questions:
  • Was motiviert Sie?, Wie bereiten Sie sich vor?

During the Interview

The interview begins, with Alex answering questions about his career and life in Germany. He expresses opinions and facts using phrases like „Meiner Meinung nach…“ (In my opinion…), „Tatsächlich…“ (Actually…), and employs past tense verbs such as „ich kam“ (I came), „ich spielte“ (I played).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Expressing Opinions and Facts:
  • Meiner Meinung nach…. Tatsächlich…
  1. Past Tense:
  • ich kam, ich spielte

Discussing Football and Personal Goals

Alex talks about his goals and experiences in football. He uses future tense for goals with phrases like „Ich werde…“ (I will…), „Ich möchte…“ (I would like to…), and sports terminology such as „das Ziel“ (the goal), „der Erfolg“ (the success).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Future Tense for Goals:
  • Ich werde…, Ich möchte…
  1. Sports Terminology:
  • das Ziel, der Erfolg

Reflections on Cultural Adaptation

Discussing his adaptation to German culture, Alex reflects on his experiences using phrases like „Ich habe gelernt…“ (I have learned…), „Es war eine Herausforderung“ (It was a challenge), and cultural terms such as „die Anpassung“ (the adaptation), „die Kultur“ (the culture).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Reflection Phrases:
  • Ich habe gelernt…. Es war eine Herausforderung
  1. Cultural Terms:
  • die Anpassung, die Kultur

Interview Wrap-Up

Concluding the interview, Alex shares his thoughts on future matches and team dynamics. He uses concluding phrases like „Zum Schluss…“ (In conclusion…), „Ich freue mich auf…“ (I look forward to…), and team-related vocabulary like „das Team“ (the team), „der Teamgeist“ (team spirit).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

  1. Concluding Phrases:
  1. Zum Schluss…. Ich freue mich auf…
  1. Team-Related Vocabulary:
  • das Team, der Teamgeist

Exercises and Practice

  1. Interview question creation: Formulate potential interview questions and answers.
  2. Role-play: Practice conducting an interview, switching roles between interviewer and interviewee.
  3. Reflection writing: Write a reflective piece on adapting to a new culture.


The chapter concludes with an emphasis on the importance of effective communication in interviews and public speaking, especially for athletes. It highlights how mastering the German language can aid in media interactions, offering a glimpse into the role of language in professional sports.

Detailed Section: During the Interview Navigating the Interview Questions

In the interview, Alex confidently navigates questions about his motivations and experiences, showcasing his language skills and passion for football.

Grammar Focus: Answering Interview Questions, Expressing Motivations

Dialogue for Practice:

  • Journalist: “Was motiviert Sie als Fußballspieler?”
  • Alex: “Mich motiviert die Liebe zum Spiel und die Unterstützung der Fans.”

Discussing Adaptation to German Culture

The journalist inquires about Alex’s cultural adaptation, allowing him to reflect on his journey of learning and adjusting to German culture and language.

Grammar Focus: Reflecting on Personal Experiences, Learning Process

Dialogue for Practice:

  • Journalist: “Wie haben Sie sich an die deutsche Kultur angepasst?”
  • Alex: “Anfangs war es eine Herausforderung, aber ich habe viel gelernt.”
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