A Beginner’s Guide to German Through Football: „End of the Season (A1/15)“

As the football season wraps up, Alex takes time to reflect on his journey, growth, and experiences. This chapter introduces reflection phrases like „Es war ein tolles Jahr“ (It was a great year), „Ich habe viel gelernt“ (I have learned a lot), and past tense verbs such as „ich spielte“ (I played), „wir gewannen“ (we won). It’s a contemplative look at personal and professional development through the lens of sports.

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Reflection Phrases and Past Tense:

  • Es war ein tolles Jahr (It was a great year), Ich habe viel gelernt (I have learned a lot)
  • ich spielte (I played), wir gewannen (we won)

Team Meeting and Reflection

At the final team meeting, players and coaches discuss the season’s highlights and challenges. This segment covers descriptive adjectives like „erfolgreich“ (successful), „herausfordernd“ (challenging), and team vocabulary such as „das Team“ (the team), „der Trainer“ (the coach).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Descriptive Adjectives and Team Vocabulary:

  • erfolgreich (successful), herausfordernd (challenging)
  • das Team (the team), der Trainer (the coach)

Planning for the Off-Season

Discussing off-season plans, Alex and his teammates talk about vacations and training. This part introduces future tense phrases for plans like „Ich werde…“ (I will…), „Wir planen…“ (We plan…), and vacation vocabulary such as „der Urlaub“ (the vacation), „die Reise“ (the trip).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Future Tense for Plans and Vacation Vocabulary:

  • Ich werde… (I will…), Wir planen… (We plan…)
  • der Urlaub (the vacation), die Reise (the trip)

Setting Personal Goals

Alex sets personal goals for the upcoming season, focusing on his aspirations in football and language proficiency. He uses expressions of wishes and aspirations like „Ich möchte…“ (I would like to…), „Mein Ziel ist…“ (My goal is…), and specific goals such as „mehr Tore schießen“ (score more goals), „die Sprache besser sprechen“ (speak the language better).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Expressing Wishes and Aspirations, Specific Goals:

  • Ich möchte… (I would like to…), Mein Ziel ist… (My goal is…)
  • mehr Tore schießen (score more goals), die Sprache besser sprechen (speak the language better)

Expressing Gratitude

Alex shows his appreciation to his coaches, teammates, and fans, using gratitude phrases like „Ich danke euch“ (I thank you), „Ich bin dankbar für…“ (I am grateful for…), and both formal and informal expressions of thanks.

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Gratitude Phrases:

  • Ich danke euch (I thank you), Ich bin dankbar für… (I am grateful for…)
  • Vielen Dank für alles (Thank you for everything)

Looking Forward to the Future

Anticipating the next season, Alex expresses his hopes and plans, using future plans phrases like „Nächste Saison werde ich…“ (Next season I will…), „In der Zukunft möchte ich…“ (In the future, I want to…), and hopeful expressions such as „Ich freue mich auf…“ (I look forward to…), „Ich hoffe…“ (I hope…).

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Future Plans and Hopeful Expressions:

  • Nächste Saison werde ich… (Next season I will…), In der Zukunft möchte ich… (In the future, I want to…)
  • Ich freue mich auf… (I look forward to…), Ich hoffe… (I hope…)

Exercises and Practice

  1. Goal Setting:
    • Write down personal goals for the next year in German, incorporating future tense and specific aspirations.
  2. Gratitude Expression:
    • Practice writing thank you notes to teammates or coaches, using gratitude phrases and personal reflections.
  3. Future Planning:
    • Create sentences about future aspirations and plans, utilizing future tense expressions and vocabulary related to personal and professional goals.


The chapter summarizes the importance of reflecting on achievements and setting sights on future challenges, emphasizing how the German language enriches this process. It illustrates the role of language in capturing and expressing the nuances of sports and personal development.

Detailed Section: Setting Personal Goals Personal Aspirations for the Next Season

In a reflective moment, Alex writes down his ambitions for the next season, combining his sports aspirations with language goals, exemplifying the integration of personal and professional development.

Grammar Focus: Expressing Future Goals, Language Learning Goals

Dialogue for Practice:

  • Alex (writing in his journal): “Nächstes Jahr möchte ich der beste Torschütze sein. Außerdem möchte ich fließend Deutsch sprechen.” (Next year, I want to be the top scorer. Also, I want to speak German fluently.)

Reflecting on Language Progress

In a conversation with a teammate, Alex discusses his progress over the year, acknowledging his improvements and setting the tone for future growth.

Grammar Focus: Reflecting on Past Progress, Encouraging Future Improvement

Dialogue for Practice:

  • Alex: “Dieses Jahr habe ich viel gelernt. Nächstes Jahr wird noch besser.” (This year I have learned a lot. Next year will be even better.)
  • Teammate: “Du hast große Fortschritte gemacht. Weiter so!” (You have made great progress. Keep it up!)
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