Dein Dashboard!

An dieser Stelle hattest du vor einiger Zeit noch Zugang zu „deinem Dashboard“. Wir arbeiten daran, wieder neue Communityfunktionen einzubauen, möchten dich inzwischen einzuladen, entweder auf unserer Seite https://www.german-deutsch.com/german-deutsch-chat/ dein Deutsch im Chat zu verbessern oder auf der Seite http://www.deutsch-blog.com weitere Inhalte zum praktischen Deutsch zu vertiefen.

Eine motivierende Geschichte:

‟ Alles ist möglich“ (= ‟ whatever is possible“) were the very first words of German that a refugee found out when he was brought to a camp in Austria a couple of years back. Our pal reacted with, ‟ Alles ist möglich …“.
The old guy included the words, ‟ … oder nichts ist unmöglich!“
Our refugee needed money, so he missed out on all the German classes throughout the list below time.
He equated the words he had actually heard with the aid of a low-cost mobile phone, he had actually simply purchased with his very first revenues. And he learnt that this old guy was damn ideal: ‟ Alles ist möglich“ equates to ‟ Nichts ist unmöglich“ (‟ whatever is possible“ equates to ‟ absolutely nothing is difficult“).

When I met him years later on and he told me this remarkable story, the refugee had actually never ever gone to a single German class. He showed that he had actually done an impressing task: studying German by himself. Studying the language in a really specific and various method– thinking in the credo
‟ Nothing is difficult!“

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